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Pcb Fabrication

Not every PCB is created equal. That is why Ounuo only sources printed circuit boards from the highest quality PCB manufacturers to make sure our customers can count on the highest quality product on every order.


Ounuo has suppliers that can produce complex quick turn prototype PCBs and high volume printed circuit boards suppliers that have been in business for more than 15 years. We have suppliers that use laser – direct imaging, laser drilling and contouring, high layer count lamination processing equipment, pulse plating equipment and other specialized equipment for simple and complex PCB designs.


The use of this specialized PCB Fabrication equipment allows for up to 40 layer rigid boards with 3 mil line / spacing and up to 20 layer Rigid Flex Circuits. Impedance controlled designs, backplane PCBs (thicknesses of up to .276 {7 mm}), aspect ratios of 22:1 are produced regularly at our factories.


Our Advanced Technology Boards include, but are not limited to the following: High TG Circuit Boards, Backplanes, High-frequency boards, Halogen-free boards, Flexible and Rigid-Flex boards, Hybrids, HDI boards…