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Services and Solutions

Assembly Services


OUNUO offers complete build to print services, from component assembly to final mechanical integration.  We have the capability and knowledge to assemble your product, using our comprehensive experience in electronics and in mechanical, electrical and systems integration.


Managed IT Services


We offer custom managed services based on your specific requirements, delivered through our IT outsourcing capabilities. We’re constantly building our list of standardised services through the skills, experience and methods we gain over time.


Component Supply


Managing a cost-effective product build or redesign, as well as an efficient process requires compliance with environmental regulations, avoidance of counterfeit parts, sourcing the best electronic components, effective stakeholder communication and powerful tools.


We provide access to millions of electronic, electro mechanical and fastene components. From detailed technical attributes and documentation to lead-free alternates, lifecycle forecasts, and current availability and pricing data.


Design & Engineering


Our experience and fully qualified personnel can help you identify the best components to meet your product requirements and provide supply-chain services that lead to lowest total cost of ownership.


Pcb Fabrication


Providing hightech PCB products which including FR4PCBs, Aluminum PCBs, HDI PCBs,Multilayer PCBs (up to 28layers), Gold Finger PCBs and Rogers PCBs


We can add your PCBA into an enclosure, or they can go further, delivering a fully tested unit with cables, switches, fuses, display and packaging, ready for international shipment.